Luxury Wedding Storybooks

November 15, 2021

As a catalyst of the magic my couples produce and the event itself exudes, my name is Michelle McMurray de Luces, the one and only Wedding Story Writer. I created and founded a new niche in the wedding industry–capturing the true essence of your love story and wedding day. As an intuitive and emotional empath, I exist on this planet to create a thorough and accurate reflection of your love, your wedding day, building your life story while developing a real-life fairytale created for multi-generational impact. I listen, advise you, and create priceless relics for your family. I turn wedding stories into illustrated luxury wedding storybooks.

As an empath, I’m here to bring your story to life without getting in the way. I am there with a significant job—to create an in-depth story of your wedding day. I use all of my senses to gather details and enough information to write it, the true story, not just what photographs tell us, but the actual conversations, the parties, the menus, the joy, and the tears. And the story doesn’t start there. My in-depth stories capture emotions from the very beginning of your relationship.

Wedding photos help tell a love story; there’s no argument there. However, they do not tell the whole story, the nitty-gritty, the behind-the-scenes. It is a sound investment to spend a good portion of your budget on a luxury wedding photographer. Photos are the visual element we all want and need to show what our wedding day was like, so that throughout our life, we may relish those visual memories. The question: So, why do you need a wedding story?

Your Wedding Day is Fleeting

Your wedding day will be over very quickly. Unless written down, the memories from that period of your life will disappear. Family heritage is priceless, especially if the story is bound in a book. Getting that information isn’t easy; cataloging it is even more challenging. And worse, the harsh reality is that our loved ones will die, we all will, and sooner than we’d like to think. There are no guarantees in life. I still regret not asking my grandparents more questions about their ancestors. Sadly, once the source of that history has died, there is no regaining the knowledge, experiences, or those precious memories again. Good news: Your wedding celebrations are the perfect events to source important family history before it’s lost forever. Everyone is happy, celebrating, and eager to help. So, I ask you: Why do you need Wedding Story Writer? Because your story isn’t going to write itself.

Although I’ve been writing wedding stories for twenty years, Scribes like me have been around from the beginning of time to record historical events, particularly that of prominent people. They documented dates of marriages, baptisms, court proceedings, magic spells, religious proceedings, and important societal events. In Medieval times, aristocracy kept their beautiful scriptures in churches and old libraries, with books held by unbreakable metal chains held in place because history books are valuable. 

Another reality: There’s a high chance you won’t remember who attended your wedding, the warmth of the day or the coolness of the rain. You might not remember what color your mother wore and probably won’t notice the tears in her eyes as you walk up the aisle. When you recall your wedding in twenty, thirty, or even fifty years, do you think you will remember the scents from the day or that you had a pretty dress and it was a great wedding?

In the end, what do most of us have to remember about one of the most important days of our lives? We keep our bridal gown, but we never wear it again. The food and cake served during our reception were eaten within an hour of being served, and the lovely flowers we carried around all day have long since died and turned to dust (unless we took the time to preserve them via Ever After Bouquet). We are left with a photo album, a video, wedding bands, and a dress we keep deep within the depths of our walk-in closets or under the bed, rarely seeing the light of day. But where is the real story of how you met and fell in love? It’s in a book we need to write, that’s where.

Grandma Knows the Best Stories

My grandmother taught me that marriage isn’t about the dress and the veil or the flowers. It’s about our love for one another and our family bond. They are all about tradition, and most of us love a great ritual! Weddings include universal rites symbolizing a sacred union, which provides the couple with stability, consistency, symbols, and a memory of their lifelong commitment. In the end, it’s a grand party to celebrate that union with friends, families, and communities, and in some cases, the world. 

If those rituals are carefully chosen, the marriage will likely be stronger due to the symbolism of the act itself. During the union, families are brought together, connecting one group to another to further that society or clan. Family stories are similar. Once those stories are told, legends begin. New generations hear those stories and visualize their ancestors. They form opinions on their heritage and learn about the past. Children will grow up with a sense of where they came from, of where they belong. They relate to people in their clan, even some who had passed away long before they were born. Future generations will have a sense of having been at your wedding because of the storybook’s influence. Can you even imagine how wonderful this must feel? It’s the most generous heirloom you could leave future generations. You need a wedding story to make you immortal.

No one has a perfect memory. You can try your best to remember every detail, but I’m here to tell you that it’s impossible. 

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