Wedding Vows


Wedding vow composition can be a challenging task. You have probably already thought about the words you want to say, but sometimes they don’t come out the way you had hoped they would once you try writing them. There are essential things you want to say, and sometimes the right words are impossible to find. We are here to help alleviate your stress by writing your wedding vows for you.


  • Book us by selecting the buttons below, then pay for the service.
  • A consultation will be set up for one hour or less so that we discuss how you met, fell in love, and ultimately became engaged. We ask you questions so that we get to know you both a little bit. We also discuss how you would like your vows to sound, if humor is needed, or if religion plays a heavy note.
  • Our interviews are conducted with you both together or separately, via Skype/Facetime or over the phone. (Whatever is convenient for you).
  • We begin our writing process, composing your wedding vows using the discussions we had.
  • Depending on our workload, we ask for at least a week for this process but often produce results in a shorter time.
  • You will receive between two to three drafts, asking for feedback. This is to ensure we are on the right train of thought in regards to what you want to say. 
  • Additions or subtractions of the content may be done at any time.
  • Once approved, we create a final PDF, and Word document for you sent electronically.

This fee includes vows for two people.


You will receive:

One PDF and one Word document with your wedding vows upon completion of the project.



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