Preston Bailey


Joey Rojas

“I thought my sister was crazy when she told me what you were hired to do until I saw you working. I now think you are grossly underpaid for the amount of work you put into one wedding story. What you are doing is absolutely amazing!”

Aubrey Burke

My daughter’s wedding story left me speechless. I was not aware of so many things happening at her wedding and I was there! Thank you, Michelle. We will treasure it forever.”

Julie McMurray

“Thank you so much for my surprise wedding story! What an awesome idea. I think you should add in my bachelorette party. Well…maybe not. That was one night we probably shouldn’t document!”


Katherine Taylor

“When I first read our story it brought back memories and feelings of excitement and giddiness of that special evening when Kevin proposed to me. It was as if I was reading about Cinderella and Prince Charming and it brought a smile to my face.

Michelle was able to capture all of the essence of our wedding day and it was great reading how our guests were enjoying themselves during the pre-wedding celebration while we were waiting for the rain to stop so that the wedding could proceed. She was able to include detailed information about the wedding that I wasn’t even aware of but definitely would have wanted to know about forever.

We are very thankful for having Wedding Story Writer provide this service for us and the book will be something we can pass down to generations to come.”

Katie & Mark Grant

“What an amazing product and concept, and so well executed! My husband and I recently married in a tiny private ceremony in Scotland after a whirlwind romance…and our custom vow book by Wedding Story Writer captures our love perfectly. Bound in the finest of velvet and ribbon to match our wedding style, our vows were gorgeously calligraphed along with thistle sketches that was the perfect ode to the country we married in. I can’t rave enough about these lovely books- whether you have Michelle along on your own wedding or whether it’s a gift for a loved one…they are timeless & beautiful and we will treasure ours forever.”

Cody Renegar

“While I was reading my story, I teared up a couple of times because there were some memories I had forgotten. We love it!”